29 November 2010

I can do heaps of stuff in one weekend!

 We had a wedding - the third wedding  - the only one we had in Australia after we had two back home.

My mum helping with flower decorations
Purty with lace

Watching sporty people in the morning at Southbank before getting ready
The wedding was a very fun wash out! The weather was terrible. I spent most day in my hotel slippers. Who am I to wear my slippery heels when I can wear warm shlippery hotel slippers? We also had a final before-bed drink with our friends in a terrible Irish  pub at Southbank - I remember dancing to "Love Shack" in my dress and slippers and someone poured beer over me and I thought, that's the end of this dress then.

Stylish Wedding Shoes
The wedding excitement squeals are nothing compared to the amount of shrieking I did when I got my patterns back graded this morning. How pretty - how exciting - I love looking at them. I made them! Oh my goodness how exciting. I'm sure you won't think these photos of brown paper are that exciting but I do.

Yesterday I hungoverly popped into the Markit market at fed square to visit the lovely Ink and Spindle and lovely Harvest to have a wee chat. I forgot to take pictures but it was a nice and busy market.
And now I need to eat leftover chocolate wedding cake and enjoy the last days with my mum before she heads back home!

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Ames and Tash said...

The flower arrangements are really pretty! I love the lace on the bottle necks. Ames :)