22 December 2009

a happy ending/beginning

it was very cold in Paris ... and it was snowing heaps! Paris is awefully romantic. But I'm not the romantic type.

I struggle with romance. Too rational. See all that snow?

But I love snow, as you can probably tell. We jumped around in it a fair bit. Then we found out that this building is a military training school and left. Quickly. There may have been a guy with a machine gun.

Then we went to say a respectful hello to some old friends. Even that was kind of romantic. I started to feel a bit uneasy. But maybe it was just all those macaroons and chocolate crepes.

And then we dreamed about living here. There was a bit of hand holding I admit even though I was busy holding the camera most of the time. And I'm not awfully touchy-feely. (That's not actually true. I hug most people against their will.)

Then we ran back to the hotel to warm up. It was cosy and nice. I was happy.

And then we we were just sitting on the bed, and suddenly we got engaged!

And the sun came out!

My engagement is probably the nicest thing that ever happened to me.
And the most romantic. Usually we don't do romance. But I have to admit, I do like it a little bit.
We had a pretty cruddy year with unemployment and other nasties. What a nice way to start a new year!
I am very happy.

I will bore you with more overseas pictures - I am reading all your posts on the Australian christmas preparations and I do miss the sun I admit. It's very snowed under here - sub-zero temperatures do funny thing to your hair, I tell you.

I digress. I hope you are having a fantastic time preparing for a special christmas!

10 December 2009


We made it home! The flight was a reminder that the flight home sucks. Massively. I have been on this flight about 6 times so far and everytime about half way through I realize it's just about the worst 24 hours EVER. Being home is a reminder that it's nice at home! Most importantly, I get to eat bread. Proper bread. Solid bread with a giant crust. I miss bread so much I dream about it all the time in Melbourne- I have eaten about 5 loaves since we landed.

I also get to go out in the cold and wear something cute and underneath I wear a pair of hideous, giant bicycle shorts. Invisible to all. Just like the olden days! Meeting my niece is just as magical as going to the christmas markets. Looking after babies in winter is a bit of a challenge - Leni gets blow-dried almost every day while she gets changed to keep her warm- a funny sight. There are also homemade Pl├Ątzchen (christmas cookies). When I look outside the window there are giant mountains. Look closely below you'll be able to spot them!

I can't believe that 45 people are following my blog - and many more read it on their google readers! It's a little scary - musn't bore you all! To that end, Mr Melbournevintage went out in town last night with an old friend and they ended up in a lesbian-only bar called 'Inge's Karotte' (Inge's carrot). THAT'S not boring!!! Munich has a really vibrant gay scene and there is even an entirely pink gay christmas market. Which is pretty awesome. I have a picture I will post below.

I hope your pre-christmas preparations are going well!  xx


cycle pants



Niece familiarising herself with her auntie's quilt!

Christmas markets

GAY christmas market.

Mountain view from my balcony

Marienplatz in Munich

03 December 2009

my creative space: word snow

it's snowing words today. at least on my christmas card.

Do you fancy making one too? It's very simple - just be aware that old paper and dictionaries may be harmed in the process...

This will probably be my last space post for the year so thank you Kirsty for hosting the meme every week! Looking forward to spaceing more next year!