18 November 2010

Hej Pippi Langstrumpf

I love Astrid Lindgren. I may even be a bit obsessed with her. I love all her books and I know my favourites by heart. I read and reread them all the time when I was little. My top favourite is The Brothers Lionheart closely followed by Six Bullerby Children. I last read Brothers Lionheart a few years ago with a friend of mine at the Lake Garda in Italy. It was really fun, and easy to read after a few glasses of vino. I was convinced I was going to marry a Swedish boy named Lasse and move to a little red house when I first read Bullerby. I also wanted very badly to have long brown hair so I could braid it and I tried to convince my friends to call me Lisa too.

One of my favourite things about the books is the food. There are all these delicious sounding things on the table - cinnamon buns and meat parcels and meatballs and pickled herring and fresh yabbies and pineapple pudding.  There are also scary things like rolled sausages and blood pudding.

This year I've decided to host a Pippi Longstocking dinner with all those delicacies. Did you know that Pippi had a special pea that prevented people from growing up? All you had to do is eat this pea and say the magical word "Krumulus". I tried this but it didn't work. Maybe it did. I will serve special Krumulus peas for dinner for sure.

Here's a beautiful Swedish cooking blog, with amazing illustrations. Look how beautiful these are!

Here's a recipe for Kannelbullar, or cinnamon rolls Swedish-style!

Here's a recipe for Swedish meatballs! And Swedish Pineapple Cake!

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Naturally Carol said...

Hi, I came in from Kootoyoo and read this post as well as the one above, loved the grey and orange combo, but love Pippi Longstocking more! When my daughter was about 8 years old she dressed up as Pippi for Book Week at school, with wired up pigtails and sprayed on orange hair...she looked just the part!