11 November 2010

Everyone's a winner!

Hey I got an award. Dee gave it to me!  It's pretty exciting for me - I never win anything. Not the lotto. And when I was 9 I wanted to win this bike at the local fair really badly and my best friend Julia won it instead.
Since then I have not won much. This may be connected to the fact that I just cannot be bothered to try very hard either. Also there is a German saying "win at love lose at gambling" and since I won the best husband in the lotto I suppose fair enough about the bike. But it was nice to be awarded a beautiful blogger award.

In keeping with the rules I hereby award the following 10 blogs with the Beautiful Blogger Award :

 - I'm a devoted fan. Where's my fan badge ladies. -
- I love Gina! -
- A lovely fellow expat -
- Full of inspiration -
- Full of style -
- Full of small people textile design loveliness-
- So much advice. I read her entire blog in one afternoon and felt better about everything afterwards -
- This is my favourite German blog -
- Paper! -
- I like the images on here heaps -

I also need to tell you 10 things about me:

1. I don't like to drink milk
2. My favourite food is pasta
3. I am scared of horses
4. I am the only crafter in my immediate family so they all think I'm strange
5. My favourite craft is sewing. Or printing. And knitting.
6. I used to ride my unicycle to school when I was little
7. I also used to tap dance and was on a TV show once where I tapdanced and looked angry
8. I am clumsy and frequently visit the hospital with my injuries
9. My home town is Munich, Germany
10. I am a fan of vegemite and milo.


Nicki said...

Oh wow! Thank you! "This is my favourite German blog"- what an honour! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tina, your a star! We think your great too!
We shall be seeing you in the studio soon I hope xxx Harvest Textiles gal's

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad I could make you a winner ! Love your blog list and your "ten things about me" list! My family think I'm bit a strange too - "what do you mean all our Christmas presents will be handmade???" was recently heard by a few !
Will have to stop by and see your stall on the 18th December.
hope you have had a great (rainy) weekend, Dee

ann.meer said...

thank you so much :)