02 December 2010

Send a little love to strangers around you

The other week I sent this to Pip. I have never met Pip because I feel if I did meet her I'd do the usual thing where I rant incoherently and hug inappropriately. And I would like her to not think I'm a strange person with a weird accent. Even though I probably am. It would be like the first time me and my friend Lucy met the Ink and Spindle girls and I stood awkwardly and patted the fabric and Lucy said "I want your life! If I didn't have a baby!" and it was all very odd. However, I did send Pip a gift, and I sent her a card telling her how much I love her blog, and how reading her blog really did sort of change my life. Sounds crazy, but it's true!
There isn't a hell of a lot of craftiness in my family and so I am an unnatural born knitter and have no innate nanna skills. So Pip really filled that gap in my life and I am really very grateful for that. She even inspired me to ask for a slow cooker for my wedding.

So why don't you go and send your favourite blogger a gift in the mail too. I personally think it's a great thing to do. But because everyone is very clever and I'm the last to catch on you are probably already doing that all the time.

PS: The image is from Pip's blog and the gift I sent her is a Figgjo candle stick holder or it may also be used as a flower vase I think
PPS: I recently found out that my great-grandmother was a dressmaker and hatmaker and had a store in a fancy street in Moscow until she had to flee because of the revolution. So I think I do have some innate craftiness! *high five*


ambette said...

I found out the same thing about my great-grandmother, too (except for the escaping Moscow bit)!

I love the idea of sending stuff to strangers. I used to have a 'random postcards' list where I would randomly send friends a postcard out of the blue (usually those free ones you find in some shops), although it wasn't to strangers, only people I knew. It's reminded me that I should start that up again!

Lucy said...

Need someone to make an inappropriate comment and cause an awkward moment? Count on me!!
I so remember that at Ink and Spindle - whoops! Must learn to self-censor in the future! yay for your innate craftiness and slow cooker! We are gradually getting snowed in here : ) minus 4 today?! A good excuse for an impromptu craft session I think - Santas out of loo roll Rubes? Lucex