18 September 2009

Balcony Inspiration

I'm going to my Ashram (bunnings warehouse) tomorrow in preparation for a day of balcony-ing. The balcony, after the hot summer, the cold winter, then some storms, looks very tragic at the moment. only the lonely tomato plant is still sprucing out cocktail tomatoes like there's no tomorrow. Everything else has died. I'm looking forward to growing things, potentially going mad with fake grass decorations, and spending summer on a sweeeeet balcony.

balcony+antique+chairs+orchid, originally uploaded by Affinity!.

Balcony from Milan, originally uploaded by Bioray.

14 September 2009


I am going to Paris in December with my Mister and we are staying in a plush hotel where we will mainly eat baguette with butter and drink vino destructo because we've blown our family fortune on said hotel. Yay!

When I googled "Paris Craft" however, to do some preparatory investigations into where and what to visit, I landed on the http://www.pariscreativity.com/ website, which unfortunately is the "Paris Hilton Creativity Collection". Apparently Paris likes to "personalise" her "clothes, cellphone, and memories". I do often spend time personalizing memories too! What a coincidence.

Paris finishes with a bedazzling "Creativity is hot".

I am afraid.

11 September 2009



Look What I Found!

can not believe i found this finel mushroom enamel bowl at my favourite haunt. i have been staring at it for days now. i'm in love! the orange jug was an innocent bystander that i impulse-purchased, on a finel enamel bowl high.

and this. it says it's a made in brazil tile, it looks very old. the girl and the cat and the cuckoo clock are all paper cuts and coloured in. the paper is crinkling. do people maybe have these in their houses in brazil? i wonder if this came in someone's bags all the way from there.

the house is starting to look like a home, more and more each day. this is a happy-making factor in the crafty immigrant's life.