25 November 2010


I will be there! SELLING STUFF. Looking awkward. Bits of loo roll on my shoe. Chocolate on my face. No doubt about that.

I will be at a stall for past students organised by the Harvest ladies. I am sorry to go on about this but how enormously nice is that??? It's SO good for me because it means I can dip my 9.5 toes into the market water and see if I can handle it. Oh and if anyone likes my things. I do. Like it.

Harvest are the great givers backers. And what a year they've had too. I can't believe it. It's very inspirational *round of applause*. I will also be in charge of the student market. Obviously this thrills me. Because I do love a clip board and biro pens and crossing things and making lists. If you perchance happen to be available on the 18th of December please do come. It looks like an amazing line up of peeps. And food! And things for children! The full details are here!


Anonymous said...

I love that : "selling stuff. looking awkward ". I always feel like that, especially the first half hour or so. And I've got about 10 markets ticked off my list !
ooohhhh, lists and clipboards !! I do love!
I can't wait to see you and your goodies at the market, have fun preparing.
Dee x

shine little light* said...

Ohhh congrats and excitement! I just had my first toe dip in the market watewr.... i kinda liked it. Go you! *s*