09 November 2010

Tribe Home

I took my mum and auntie to Healesville today to look at some Koalabaeren. We stopped at the Harvest Cafe and also at Morris Brown, where I usually just touch everything and um and ah and then leave, but today I found a lovely screenprinted cotton rug in there that I had to buy. Isn't it lovely? It is so lovely. It was 55 shmollars. That's not bad right? Even for a brokeass lady. It's made by a company called Tribe Home. It was the last one available at Morris Brown but it's also available online here.

PS: We also stopped at the Healesville Sanctuary giftshop to purchase a platypus earring for my mum's friend. We have been looking all over Melbourne for such a platypus earring. It had to be a sterling silver dangling platypus. My mum finally found one in said gift shop, then lost the Platypus earring somewhere between the giftshop and the coffee shop. They are circa 10 metres apart. After carefully scanning the space, we couldn't find it. So I left my number with the Sanctuary staff. They rang just as we turned into Balaclava Road to tell us that they had found the Platypus earring. I guess I will be driving to Healesville tomorrow to pick it up. Amen. Also I need a drink. I hate gift shops. Except for the one at the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne.

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Tania said...

Platypus are very nice creatures usually. Especially the ones at Healesville Sanctuary. I once knew them on an individual basis and I'm sure they wouldn't be painful on purpose.