24 November 2010

I have been blind

EZ Knitting Patterns via Ravelry
via Ravelry
via Ravelry
via Ravelry

I have never heard about Elizabeth Zimmermann until yesterday. HOW? Years of pain and crying could have been avoided. Elizabeth Zimmermann, or EZ as she is know on amongst knitty types, was the only knitter to ever receive a full page obituary in the New York Times. And she totally deserved it because she pretty much revolutionized knitting. This woman could knit while riding on the back of her husbands motorcycle. She made knitting a whole heap easier and came up with clever ways to take the pain out of complicated patterns.

Her patterns are gorgeous. And all this time I had no idea. I don't know how that's even possible. And most of her designs are SEAMLESS. Do you know how much I hate joining pieces? I can't begin to explain how much I hate it. I once ran some sweater pieces through my overlocker because I couldn't bring myself to join them. That's how bad my aversion to joining seams is. I ordered the Knitter's Almanac today. I don't care it's summer I have some flexible, pain-free knitting to catch up on!


Tania said...

Did you say seamless?!!! Yum.

No need to try and explain how much you hate joining stuff. We are soul-detesters-of-joining sisters. I'd rather run a bloomin' marathon. On my hands.

MildlyCrafty said...

She is great isn't she? I read one of her books recently, I can't remember which one but there was a lot about her life story as well as patterns in it, she has a very chatty style, it was fun to read. You can get her books from Artisan Books in Gertrude St too.

My gran always sewed her jumpers together on the sewing machine so it's probably not that uncommon or taboo.