13 November 2010

Busy Making Stuff

Wow I have been busy! Whenever I get a quiet moment I feel like blogging so I can recall the few productive moments I've had. I am getting a bit overwhelmed with the business side of things but trying to stay calm. I'm very excited - I will be at this market selling some things! Wow! There will no doubt be an extra special post about it before it happens.

Luckily there has been some time for a bit of this

And I made this - I haven't sewn anything for myself in ages so it felt nice! 

I been enjoying my new rug. And wearing my Birkies in the sun. 

Made some christmassy decorations with the hook! I crocheted this glued to the West Wing and half asleep but looking at it I think I can retrace my steps and work out what I did.

And working on a dress pattern - very exciting.

And we went to Bar Idda which I love and I really love their lemonade bottles too so I took it.

I always love reading what peeps have been up to on the weekend so if you'll excuse me I'll go sniff around my blog reader now before heading off to dinner!

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