30 June 2010

It is very cold in Melbourne?

And it's very hot here!

taking a pillow ...
following the sign ...
to the lake!

I took a two day break in Zurich. The lake has drinking water in it. Which makes it beautiful to swim in.
I hope you warm up a bit looking at the sunny pictures!

27 June 2010

Road Test

I've been experimenting with making my own patterns for small people. I drew a pattern for these pants from scratch - all I knew was that I wanted light summer pants with a big comfy waist band. This is one the prototypes I came up with. Both test mother and test baby were quite delighted. My niece road tested these on the balcony and the floor and they appear to be very good for crawling and attempting to take a few first steps. The bum area needs to be increased - for maximum nappy wearing style and comfort.
I'm working on a way to make these as sustainable as possible. I like this phase of doing something new and finding so much joy in it. I'm excited!

"I'm too cute for these pants. Get me out of here." 

24 June 2010

My Creative Space

I'm experimenting with felting larger objects for the home - this is a hastily crocheted test piece that I'm now washing at 90 degrees. 

Since I am living at home with my parents at the moment to look after my dad, my creative space is my bed. Pretty much. There's not much room anywhere else!

And there are creative ventures from the past to be marvelled at. I feel much like this bird that I made a lifetime ago when I was about 7. Currently taking a break in a lampshade.

I've had fun today looking at more creative spaces over here

23 June 2010

My favourite kind of grocery

I went grocery shopping in Zurich where I spent a bit of time with my husband.  I passed this obscure little wool shop on the way back from the supermarket, so of course I walked in. It was tiny and the lady who owned it was watching the football and swearing in Swiss German so I got a bit frightened, but then she told me in English that she was selling all the wool at 50% off! So I immediately bought a ton of Italian merino wool - for about 2,50 dollars each. Praise the crafty spirits! And when I finished paying, the lady pointed at my grocery bag and asked "straight onto the vegetables?" and chucked the wool in. Have you ever seen a nicer grocery bag? I think not.

PS: There are no plastic bags in Switzerland. It's either paper or bring your own. Hurrah!

22 June 2010


For a little newborn's head in wintery Melbourne. Will be shipped across the pond this afternoon! 100% merino wool, very soft and cuddly. I didn't follow any particular pattern, just single crocheted my way around.

16 June 2010

Away We Go!

A personal thanks to Dave Eggers and Sam Mendes for making this movie - it is my favourite movie of the year so far. Or maybe also last year. It has most of my favourite actresses in it. Alison Janney - high five! And Maggie Gyllenhall is playing the funniest weirdo I've seen in ages. I laughed so much. It's like a lovely mug of hot chocolate on one of these poopy rainy days in Zurich. Maybe I only like it so much because we are also unsettled and living all over the shop. But even if you've always lived in the same spot you'll probably love it.

You can watch the trailer here

09 June 2010

The Newlyweds

took a little break in the Bavarian forest. everything was insanely green after the months of constant rain. What a beautiful colour!
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post!
I am trying to get back to making stuff this week but there is so little time in between all the hospital visits and trying to organise things. But I'm hoping to finish something new and pretty soon! 

08 June 2010

Hipstamatic Bride

We are married! 
I am so glad we managed to get this to happen. My dad was there, he didn't even need his wheelchair, everyone I love was there, including my cousin and my auntie. We were drive to and from the wedding in an old Mercedes that was decorated with our names, empty cans and flowers, loaned to us by a lovely friend. My dad made a little speech.  We had a small dance at home and we had some food and some wine and then we had to take my dad to the hospital but it was all good. It was sad that our Australian family wasn't there with us but we will do that bit later in the year. 
It was lovely. I love being married. 

I wore this dress. It is from the Salvos in Hawthorn, and it was 20 Dollars. I didn't even try it on - I just walked past it on the way back from the dentist two days before I was due to fly home, and there it was in the window saying "hey, in case you need to have an emergency wedding, you should buy me without even trying me on". And so I did. And it was good.

And because the weather gods weren't as kind as the oppy gods, I had to go and buy a matching jacket, and there was one in the exact same colour as the dress in H&M. So there you have a perfect example of something old and something new! 

03 June 2010

Kleider Machen Leute

I found this magazine (called "People Make Clothes") in Hamburg. It's fabulous! It has three great patterns in it, advice on sewing technique, interviews with designers, stunning photography, an article on how to pimp your bike and how to make jewellery out of toys! AND how to start your own business.