08 November 2010


I made these collage cards from old scraps of paper - three in total - and I really love them.  I looked into having them printed but it seems that unless I go for the "chemical toxic cheap paper printed in China" option I can't get it done. So I tried to print one of the designs on the Gocco - and I have mixed feelings about the result. Not sure the collage translates properly when printed in black on white. And some of the print is clearly too small for the screen and gets messy when printed.  But maybe I like them a little bit? I printed these on "green" bamboo cardstock, which is actually quite lovely to print on. I am so in love with printing and I would do it all day long if I could.

I am also in love with this apartment.

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Carla said...

I like them just like that. A little bit messy, on that lovely paper. I would print all day long too, if I could.