31 December 2010

Win for 2011

Hello from the beach! I have a Optus Dongle internet connection for about 5 minutes so I thought I'd quickly draw the winner of my wee giveaway - I did this simply by shouting "say a number between 1 and 16" at my husband and he said "8" and so the lucky winner is Tania of Myrtle and Eunice!

Thank you all very much for your comments and bloggy lurve over the last year. I am not even going to start explaining how much I am looking forward to the next one. Let's make it a good one!

I personally really can not stand new year's eve, but let's all have some fun anyway. I am going to learn how to make coleslaw and let the old year move on as we, 6 adults 3 kids and 2 dogs, squeeze onto one couch, watching BBC documentaries. xxx

20 December 2010

Give it away now

T'is the season for a giveaway! 
Leave a comment to enter - and why not enter on behalf of a friend 
so they can get a surprise sent in the mail?
You don't need to say anything specific in your comment. Maybe just "waddup dude".

Here's what I would like to send you as a special gift:

One of my "Pedal to the Metal" prints
A pair of JoeyNomad handprinted baby pants size 0 

Three lovely Japanese linen fat quarters

And an extra surprise! Meeeheerry Christmas. 
Three cheers! 
The end.

PS: It is cold outside. Just like christmas back home! 

Harvest Christmas Market 2010

My mini stall looking cute
I spy Emma
The Harvest stall and past students stall in all its glory
2 of the 3 cool Harvest bananas Emma and Jess
So many lovely things!
Screen loveliness
Pretty Shopfront
Me and my nose in profile
Setting up and looking nervous
And more nervous. 

Little helpers 
 Thanks to Harvest for everything. What a year it's been for them! They have now created this wonderful space - it feels like an energetic, creative living room.

The market was great - I did heaps better than expected and managed to NOT crawl under the table and hide and lots of people commented on my stuff. Many people did not understand the idea behind making things out of repurposed fabric. So I have some work to do in that department. One lady bought two of my Drooly Baby scarves and said "I wish these had been around when I had my kids". High five! And when I made my first ever sale I did jump around heaps.

Most importantly I learned so much just from being there. And I met lots of ace people, for example my brilliantly talented fellow students Mizu Designs and Unit Tshirts (I bought two - sorry bank account) and One Night in June and many others.

And the music was ace, provided by Super Melody. 

Thank you all for coming and thanks to les ladies of Harvest for being inclusive, friendly, innovative, crazy and lovely!

19 December 2010

gifty gifty giveaway

I survived my first market and it was ace. My feet are sore and I am tired. There is banana bread in the oven, odd ladies dressed in white are singing carols on the telly, and I am surrounded by lots of nicety in general. And I will do a post on the market tomorrow but I want to show you things that are making me happy this Sunday. Look at this amazing blanket my friend Eleanor KNITTED for us for our wedding. It is the softest, most beautiful blanket in the world. I am still completely floored that she knitted this for us!

Then there was another great gift in the form of participating in the amazing Harvest Market - not only was it fun, ace, and brilliant, but I love that I've met the Harvest girls and that I'm involved in what they are doing and that they are so brilliant. And look at the Harvest tea towels Lara gave me - will I wash any dishes or dry any dishes with these? NO. They are displayed nicely. No one touch my Harvest towels please.

And I made myself this cushion from some Japanese linen just for the heck of it.

And to celebrate the niceness tomorrow I am hosting a little giveaway on here! Hurrah!

Have a happy Sunday!

PS: Sadly our christmas bush Norman is no more. He has been over-watered and is currently sulking on the balcony.

17 December 2010

To Market, To Market

Right. Here we go! Here are my market goodies!  Most of this is made from old Tshirts. I can hardly believe how many Tshirts I have hacked up and repurposed but the bin tells me: quite a lot. There are lots of little teensy bits of Tshirt all over the house! Any other material is either organic and fair-trade, sourced in Australia. Or it's a remnant I had in my stash. I plan to reduce the stash to zero and restock with oppy and organic and Tshirt fabric only. I am exhausted! But happy! 

Tshirt/Organic Cotton baby quilt screen printed by me

little screenprinted nursery decorations
Organic cotton and remnant jersey baby pants, screenprinted by me

Organic cotton screenprinted dress and nursery print designed by me!

Packing the car. Trying to remember to take a chair and a hip flask! I am so excited. And a bit nervous too! Thanks for all your sweet comments - I've printed them all out and stuck over my desk for encouragement!

Bear with me as I redesign my blog a bit to match my JoeyNomad site. It will be a bit messy for a while there, but it doesn't really matter. xx

16 December 2010

My Pants My Pants My Lovely Baby Pants

My Pattern! It works! Beautifully.
And these are made from 100% recycled material and organic material. 

15 December 2010

Some shots I took last night when we went for a walk along the beach and the neighbourhood.
I took one of my framed prints along and photographed it hanging in a tree. I wanted to leave it there!
It looked happy. I am still hoping to spot a whale one day in the water, but I don't think they will swim to Elwood beach just to say hello to me.