24 February 2011

My Creative Space

Something new and exciting I've been working on! It's mentally challenging to cut into the glorious Ink and Spindle Rooftops fabric and even harder to iron interfacing onto it but it's worth it in the end. Of all things sewing related I like making bags most so that's what I've been doing, when I've not been on the couch snoozing. There has also been some dude crafting going on in my house - it was so much fun teaching my husband how to use the sewing machine. He is making manbags. I make ladybags.

15 February 2011

Sustainable Clothing Article in Choice Magazine

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There is a great article in this month's Choice about sustainable clothing. Some really interesting points I thought were

- The greatest consumption of energy and water in a garment's life actually occurs in product-care, not production: use cold water and biodegradable detergent and line-dry your clothing
- Eco-fibres and apparel can be beneficial to the environment in some part of their life cycle, but not across their entire life cycle
- Manufacturers need to provide clear and credible information so consumers can make informed choices.

Choice highlighted a lack of immediate and credible information available on labelling to assist consumers in their search for environmentally preferable products. This is an interesting point because even terms such as "certified" does not mean a product has been certified by government, industry or mandatory standards, it can mean that it has been certified against voluntary standards, too. Plus there is the ever-confusing and growing number of labels to certify products as green, and a growing number of brands who write "eco" and "green" on their labels without any proof that their product is in any way environmentally friendly.

Some reliable labels to go by are:

Eco-Textile Standards:
- Oeko-Tex

Ethical Textile Standards:
- Ethical Clothing Australia
- Fairtrade Labelling Association

Organic Textile Standards:
- Global Organic Textile Standard

I ironically find it easier to run my own business "green", because I can choose suppliers according to their credentials. It's somewhat harder as a consumer when you are bombarded with confusing labels and green claims. I would really love it if all brands had to clearly state where they produce their items and who produces them in what conditions. I think we're a long way away from that though!

09 February 2011

So Tired

But I love my Blanca Gomez Print...
and I managed to sew up some pants...

and went for a walk and found this by the side of the road, but it was too heavy to carry back home.

So sleepy. 

06 February 2011

My Birthday

... and then I watched Antiques Roadshow while my husband made fish and chips for tea.

02 February 2011