22 May 2012


I've been making a heap of leggings for Matilda. As a tall lady she is already confronted with the problem I've been dealing with since infancy too - short pants. All her pants are too short and ride up too. I've been trying to perfect her leggings, they need to be roomy, stretchy but not loose, and long enough, plus quite warm for winter. And cute. I made some from Merino too.
Matilda decided to help out by chewing on a Simplicity pattern. 
As much as I've decided to write more on the blog I just can't seem to get to it. I'm so tired, and so...well... BORING.
I have a baby - ta da! That's the gist of it these days.
I do however have a worm farm which I'm sure you can NOT WAIT to read about soon.
Stay tuned for that riveting piece of information!

11 May 2012

Keeping Up with the CraftCamparshians

Behold! Unartistic Iphone Shots of Craft Camp.
Although I must say if I'd blurred the background of the last shot it could have been a craft shot winner!

So much to write about a great weekend. My first night away from my little M, and Big M's first gig of solo parenting. He did a magically good job. 
I did a good job leaving even though I felt a bit tearful. I thought I'd be squealing with excitement on the drive to Alexandra, all the way in the hills behind Healesville. Not the case, the second I left the driveway I was hit with a deep and drowsy sense of fatigue and exhaustion. I guess being around my baby I am constantly on call. Remove the 24 hour round the clock on call thing and bam, exhaustion strikes. I pondered all these wise things on my drive, and I also pondered if I could ever actually have a wise thought again not relating to babies. I severely doubt it.

The weekend was wonderful, and featured in no alphabetical order

  • tea
  • cake
  • pyjamas
  • tea
  • tea
  • cake cake cake
  • salted caramel sauce
  • lovely chats
  • excellent company
  • cake
  • a savage act of stealing (hello old flour tins in old rubbish bag in front of op shop)
  • parmas, including but not limited to the Obama Parma, the Parmarama, and Khalisi Parma 
  • possibly the longest wait for a meal ever
  • oh and some sewing and crocheting went on. I finished another Tova, by now sent off to my sister for her birthday, and cut out a Colette dress too.

And here I could wax lyrically about feeling lucky to be included in such a blabla community bla.
But you knew that anyway, so really all I want to say is, I want to go again, as soon as possible.
I have a cold. And now I must nap. See you laters.

24 April 2012

End of April

Got sick of eating eggplant
Discovered Jells Park with Katie and Matilda's feet discovered grass
Kind of got the point of Instagram
Cried reading this book and marvelled at the recipes and the writing
Read the chapter on her dad dying and promptly had nightmares about digging up coffins and woke drenched in sweat
Impressed by the kale 
Disappointed by the zucchini 
...and telling it so every day. Black sheep of the family.
Matilda says dadadada and pulls angry faces and has the impressive eyebrow skills of her father.

16 April 2012

First of Many Tovas

Look: awkward photos!

I love this pattern. It's brilliant. It took me just a few hours to sew this together. The instructions are good.
I just need to lengthen it, and I'd like it to be a bit flowy-er, so I shall widen it too. Everywhere else it fits perfectly. I made in in a soft corduroy. And I buggered up the plackets and neckline, but I don't care at all!

Outtake Shot: Look how naturally I can pose, just hanging out in my broccoli seedlings! 

13 April 2012

New Things!

My friend Laura took these photos of some things soon to land in my online shop and a few stockists too! Love how these turned out. Matilda was in a happy mood for exactly two shots until she cracked it and no amount of rattling, singing and whistling could make her smile. 

10 April 2012

Milo Triangled

My first ever venture into the frightening world of fairisling and it's turned out so well!
Milo is such a brilliant pattern. I loved knitting this up over the Easter break.
Matilda has to grow into it - it's a little on the big side.
The wool is glorious Rowan's. 
Ravelled here.
I can write up a tute on how to work the triangle pattern if anyone's interested. 
Let me know!

Happy Easter

Went to the Beach
Had a cold
Too much chocolate
Lovely company

03 April 2012

28 March 2012

the confused blanket

 I bought some lovely fabric for a summer quilty blanket for picnicking and beaching and outdoor frolicking. Well six months later I can tell you that it's autumn and no such blanket was made.
Instead the pile of fabric was used to collect dust under my sewing table. Occasionally I stroked the fabric lovingly. Until I found my rotary cutter in a random drawer, and there you go - I assembled a quilt top in less than five minutes, hastily sewing fat quarters together in the most boring and speedy way possible, I didn't even bother to cut the selvedges off. That's how cheap I am. Hurrah!

Since it's now autumn and we do really not need any kind of summer entertainment blanket, I, prone to in-a-flash decisions, ran to Spotlight and purchased 2,5 metres of cheap and nasty polar fleece in a minty colour. For 4 dollars a metre. Bam.

I proceeded to wonkily sew the fleece to the quilt top, without at all aligning any edges, turned it out, and here it is, with me under it, the seasonally confused blanket. In all its glory. I am actually totally loving it - it's quite heavy and has a quilty feel, but is lovely and soft (and who needs a fire place if you can listen to the gentle crackle of acrylic as you snuggle up on the couch...).