29 June 2011

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Ihave reached that point in my pregnancy where I am permanently a bit uncomfortable and very fatigued. I am not really happy about that. I asked my doctor to take more blood samples to check why I'm so tired. I am a doctor's daughter - I always think there must be some pill to fix me! She looked at me and said "um, it's because you are PREGNANT". It took another doctor and a midwife to give me the same answer until I caved in. Fair enough. I get it. I guess fighting it won't do much good at this point.

I really dislike being so lethargic. Pregnancy is not the same for everyone. My sister worked as a full time doctor right up to 6 weeks before birth. Somehow I had the idea that I would be similarly energetic! But not so. I have more of a struggle with hormones anyway, so it's no surprise that I am feeling sluggish, and particularly afternoons are hard, because I feel very tired and super hormonal and usually weep for no reason. Ok, sometimes I say things like "but ALL I WANTED was a POTATO" and cry dramatically. It's nice, being reduced to a stereotype by hormonal substances going bananas!

The baby is happy as Larry and loves water noises, particularly when I turn the tap on. There are some crazy times in utero - sometimes I think the baby might be rehearsing for So You Think You Can Dance, but she's probably just looking for the umbilical cord or getting mad that she has misplaced her thumb. She also nudges me and kicks me at night when I lie on the wrong side - I cave in and roll over. I am really very, very grateful that she is so healthy. I already have such a strong bond with her, and just the thought anything could happen to her reduces me to a complete mess.

Meanwhile, my feet are so huge that I can barely walk in my normal shoes, and I saw these boots on the internet and decided I really need to have them. Sadly we are very broke and I was looking for a way I could justify buying them (there isn't one). I came up with: "they will be handy when I have the baby and have to breastfeed". This doesn't even make sense to me. But yes - owning these boots will make be a better breastfeeder and mother I'm sure of that.

Behold! The Magic Breastfeeding Boot

27 June 2011

Linea Nigra

There are many fascinating things about pregnancy (unexplained foot growth, watching your fingers swell, crazy hair and piles for example) but I find the linea nigra truly amazing. Nobody knows why it's there....
it only occurs in about a third of pregnant women and it's a dark or black line that runs from your upper abdomen all the way along the rounded belly. Sort of like a symmetrical divider. The story goes that touching the linea nigra brings good luck... you can rub my belly with my permission!

24 June 2011

Scenes from a Past Life

Scenes from Wineglass Bay, New York, Washington, London, Paris, Sevilla,  Munich, somewhere in the Alps, Planes, and Beaches (please note the youthful skin)
This week it's hit me: we have a little ankle biter coming out way. No more JoeyNomad, Joey Stayathome. No more spontaneous plane hopping, falafels in Paris, intoxicated Harry Potter in gold class, sliding down snowy hills in Prague. Also no more shedding old skin along with old furniture and starting new. Not for a while at least. It's going to happen someday.
That sounds ungrateful and snottily European. I know. Just let me say bubbye to my old life in my own way. It doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to the next one!

20 June 2011

New Home

We have moved! We have unpacked all the boxes and quiet corners are appearing in between all the mess. I love this wall decal which I bought last year as a present for my husband. Now it's got a special place in the bedroom. I am trying to turn the bedroom into a calm space because I will be spending a lot of time in there with the baby! At present, if you could see under this calm photograph you'd find piles of washing and dirty Ugg Boots. 

The baby's room is full of stuff and I want to spend the next few weeks making a lovely nursery using as little money as possible. Expect some crafty solutions. If I can ever not be tired, and actually get off the couch to do it. I was not prepared for how tired pregnancy can make you. I do not really like being lethargic as I am usually more of a full of beans person, and this sluggishness is making me quite mad. 
I am also working on my craft corner so I can resume private and professional sewing! 

>> We had our first lovely visitors on the weekend and we made Jamie Oliver's lasagna which I love because it uses Creme Fraiche instead of Bechamel. 
>> I had a lovely time at Brown Owls last week. We did some stitching and I managed to embroider something teensy - I got quite hooked on it! Magdalena had a copy of this printable stitch guide, which I will print as soon as I can find the printer cable! 

29 weeks

We moved house. We are so looking forward to making the nursery cute and making a home for you!
It's cold and most of the time I am struggling to fit into any kind of winter clothes. Sleeping is becoming pretty impossible. There are distinct "warning" kicks if I lie on the wrong side. Until I move I am being poked, kicked and prodded!  I am already planning your first trip home to meet all your aunties, cousins, and step-aunties and step-uncles.

06 June 2011

This week I am hiding.

I am hiding behind my latest knitting project. This is a superwash Merino blanket for our little baby. Based on the idea of the super simple baby blanket, but I decided to mix the stripes up a bit and I made some pretty bold colour choices to. It's just knit back and forth so it's a simple and quite meditative project!
PS The reason I am hiding is because the rest of the house looks like this:

Yes, moving house is a wonderful experience.

03 June 2011

Sleepy 26 weeks

At 26 weeks we had Gastro and your great-grandma died at an impressive 95 years old. At 26 weeks you did not like it much when I sneezed (at least sneezing elicits a pretty strong kicking response). You also kicked your lovely papa in the face, which I secretly found incredibly amusing. Your papa continues to tell you you are either a timelord, or an explorer.

02 June 2011

Oppy Baby

Babies make a lot of dirt and produce a lot of landfill. Little polluters. This baby is going to be dressed in some very fine op shop gear and hand me down goodness. I picked up these cute things from the Save The Children oppy the other day. But I am not 100% good and I have bought new stuff. And had fun doing so. It's the nesting instinct kicking in!

I bought a Skip Hop nappy bag. I also bought an Ergo Carrier. I don't think I really needed the nappy bag. I just saw the one my friend had, and suddenly it became incredibly important to immediately make sure I'd have the appropriate carrying device to hand to carry nappies around in. I then also nearly bought a sheep toy that can make four different kinds of soothing music, including whale song. I wonder what's happened to my brain. Other than that it has been drowned in apple juice, which I can not get enough of.  In the making department, things are progressing along. I've just gotten tired of taking "in progress" shots.

I am still very confused what to dress a newborn in when they sleep. I have bought a little sleeping sack thing but I'm scared of using it already. It comes with bizarre batwings that are apparently used to "swaddle".  Everywhere I look there are warnings of SIDS and apparently you are not allowed to put a blanket in the baby cot at all anymore. Isn't that a bit overly dramatic?