17 November 2010

Woo Hoo

I had a not so good day yesterday. Wonky seams, mishappen designs, ripped up patterns, no one to talk to, holed up in the sewing room, all in all not good. But the mail came and I love getting mail. A christmas pressie for my sister arrived from America via Etsy and my CUT arrived. God I love that magazine.  It's in German so it's only available there. It's FANTASTIC. This one has a whole lot of articles on knitting. There is a knitting bar in Berlin! Shall we start one in Melbourne?  It also has a pattern by Swedish designer sisters Minimarket which I shall make in the first available free time slot.

I have tried hiring someone to do a little bit of Wordpress coding via a new website called Freelancer.
I was very disheartened by the process. I felt like an evil corporation outsourcing something and I didn't get any bids on my job from Australia.  I think I'm not a good business woman. If you know anyone who can do Wordpress coding and lives in Aussieland please let me know!

1 comment:

nicole said...

oh a knitting bar!?!?! that sounds MARVELOUS!
love love love that idea!

also drop me a little email with the type of wordpress-y stuff you need done and i'll see if my boyfee would be interested. he's quite the whiz :D