01 July 2011

I love my ring

I had to take my wedding ring off due to completely unreasonable swelling of my extremities. But I won't take this off. It is my most treasured material "thing". I wish I could go back in time and get engaged again. We had such a lovely time that winter and I was only slightly irritated when I had to pay a strange UPS man a lot of money for import tax on something he was delivering from the States in a small box. It just so happened that my now husband had bought this ring in the US, where he found it at an ethical jewelery place, and shipped it to my parents' place where we were spending time over Christmas. He told me it was a present from his mum, but I secretly suspected he had bought something expensive and electronic (and was secretly getting a bit mad about it). It also just so happened that I had frequently shown him pictures of all the kinds of rings I didn't like - I'm not one for large rocks and most definitely not one for unethically sourced stones, that was the most important part to me. I couldn't really love this any more if I tried.

We went to Paris on the train and I was a bit concerned that my husband was constantly touching his nether regions. Turns out he was just checking the ring was still in his pocked. ALL the time. We slid around a very icy and snowy Paris, got sick and then got engaged in the lovely hotel room while I was sipping some tea from a toothbrush holder cup. There was champagne hidden outside the window which we drank, all of it, and then slid around the square we lived on (which contains the grave of Monsieur Saint-Exupery, this was the best part) a bit tipsily until we found some place to eat. I'll never forget a second of it. I love looking at the pictures from that holiday.


Ames and Tash said...

Beautiful :)

babygalah said...

That is such a beautiful post xxxxx
And such a gift to the baby growing in your belly - I keep asking for my parent's engagement story - you have shared yours.
Happy weekend x

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

I love this story. The only thing that tops it is that ring. Gorgeous! Btw, I had my first piece of zwetschgenkuchen of the season today. The first of many I'm sure.

Hope you're feeling ok mama to be. xx

Ps What is the difference between zwetschgenkuchen and zwetschgendatschi??

Yarn Wrap said...

sounds like you will be the best parents. The photos are reminding of my time in Europe except for the endless cold of long Winters. What a lovely ring.