25 July 2011

33 Weeks

I think the first picture says it all.

Top Marks from the style department. Please not the grey woollen socks stuffed into leggins, in turn stuck into (ill-fitting) hiking boots. All my shoes are now too small due to my feet being swollen and huge (and somehow also very flat). I can no longer fit into my maternity jeans because they hurt my belly (and I've become obsessed thinking they cut circulation off to the baby) so these days I look like a deranged gypsy. This outfit isn't actually so bad. You should have seen what I tried on before I found this dress in the wash. But this dress I ironed on a high setting and due to the high polyester content, it started burning slightly so now I am constantly smelling like burnt plastic. Pregnancy is very glamorous.

On Friday night we had to call am ambulance because I had pretty severe heart palpitations - I am used to having these, but they wouldn't ease up and I felt nauseous and shaky. I wanted husband to drive me to the emergency but he had a few beers while he was out and so it had to be the ambulance. If our private health cover fails it will have been the most expensive few beers he's ever had. Anyhow this week I have to have check ups and get this all investigated. We spent most of the weekend recovering from the late night on the couch. We came home on Saturday morning around 6am completely shattered.


Tania said...

Firstly, what on earth were you doing ironing? Unheard of, around these parts and I'm quite impressed, polyester whiff, or not.

Secondly, your weekend sounds TOUGH. May all be resolved this week - at least to the extent you can just get on with growing wee eyebrows and fingernails and whatnot. Go easy, lady.

Claudia said...

Oh no! I hope that everything is all right. Take good care and no more ironing for you ;)