19 July 2011

Love = Pegboards and Bloggyworld

Now will you look at what this fabulous miss has sent in the mail for me. After days of blathering in a very boring way about my inability to find pegboard hooks on Twitter, I received a whole bag of them in the mail - plus the most gorgeous vintage fabric baby girl dress! I can't believe how generous fellow bloggy world friends are. I enthusiastically spent some hours hooking things to the pegboard and daydreaming about our baby girl playing in the grass wearing this supercute outfit.
And a lovely fellow Brown owl gave me this beautiful knitted baby hat.
Way to make a girl get emotional, ladies!

Thank you. x

PS: And in case you were wondering (I am sure you were not), the overlocker is still not playing nicely so I have put it in the naughty corner. The sewing machine is working again, though. Leading by example.


A Life So Peachy said...

I'm so glad you like the peg board pegs & the little dress - it looks so sweet sitting in the grass!
And that beanie is so cute - i love the "spinkles" look :)
Oh and yes I was wondering about your overlocker, i'm going to have to change the thread on mine for the first time & it has me scared!

Gina said...

Oh bloggy world. How we love thee :). Which reminds me, can I please have your address too... now that I know its a girl, I'd love to make a wee bonnet for her!