29 June 2011

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Ihave reached that point in my pregnancy where I am permanently a bit uncomfortable and very fatigued. I am not really happy about that. I asked my doctor to take more blood samples to check why I'm so tired. I am a doctor's daughter - I always think there must be some pill to fix me! She looked at me and said "um, it's because you are PREGNANT". It took another doctor and a midwife to give me the same answer until I caved in. Fair enough. I get it. I guess fighting it won't do much good at this point.

I really dislike being so lethargic. Pregnancy is not the same for everyone. My sister worked as a full time doctor right up to 6 weeks before birth. Somehow I had the idea that I would be similarly energetic! But not so. I have more of a struggle with hormones anyway, so it's no surprise that I am feeling sluggish, and particularly afternoons are hard, because I feel very tired and super hormonal and usually weep for no reason. Ok, sometimes I say things like "but ALL I WANTED was a POTATO" and cry dramatically. It's nice, being reduced to a stereotype by hormonal substances going bananas!

The baby is happy as Larry and loves water noises, particularly when I turn the tap on. There are some crazy times in utero - sometimes I think the baby might be rehearsing for So You Think You Can Dance, but she's probably just looking for the umbilical cord or getting mad that she has misplaced her thumb. She also nudges me and kicks me at night when I lie on the wrong side - I cave in and roll over. I am really very, very grateful that she is so healthy. I already have such a strong bond with her, and just the thought anything could happen to her reduces me to a complete mess.

Meanwhile, my feet are so huge that I can barely walk in my normal shoes, and I saw these boots on the internet and decided I really need to have them. Sadly we are very broke and I was looking for a way I could justify buying them (there isn't one). I came up with: "they will be handy when I have the baby and have to breastfeed". This doesn't even make sense to me. But yes - owning these boots will make be a better breastfeeder and mother I'm sure of that.

Behold! The Magic Breastfeeding Boot


Georgie Love said...

Well, you look glorious and that is a lovely and perfect sized bump! :-)

And was that the first time you mentioned that baby... may be... a she? :-D Yay! Congratulations!

And shoes definitely help with breastfeeding, they help with EVERYTHING.

Claudia said...

Totally! Shoes = super breastfeeding :)

Liam's Mummy said...

I hope the baby comes in good time. I also hope you end up getting those "breastfeeding" shoes, they look great. They would also make good "chasing after toddler" shoes if you need extra time to save up for them.

Gina said...

had to come by to say that this post made me snort a beverage through my nose. couldn't write a comment at the time though as I was breastfeeding. clearly need a breastfeeding boot.