03 July 2011

30 Weeks

It's all getting a bit too real... childbirth ed classes, getting things a ready as you can, chatting to other mums, ignoring most of the advice, learning to breathe with lungs at half their usual capacity... sleeping on a wedge pillow, eating magnesium supplements, feeling very tired and full of anticipation. Cramming as much time in together as we can, just the two of us, as it's been now for over 10 years. There's room for one more.

This week we put my iPhone on my belly while it was playing music and watched it being kicked from below.

I am a bit, no a lot, worried about going through the next months away from home. I'm sad to not be able to share them with close friends and family. It can feel completely overwhelming. But I'm just happy at the moment to be enjoying these last very precious weeks with my husband as we watch my belly grow.

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emma - Harvest Textiles said...

love this shot tina! thinking of you guys in your final quiet weeks - enjoy!