18 July 2011

32 Weeks

What a Papa can do is quite amazing. He can make me fear incontinence when he makes me laugh, and he makes me laugh a lot. He can also put together shelves and drill holes into the wall and sort all his tools into a toolbox with great care. He can also be a great forklift when I am stuck in the bath. He can patiently stare at my stomach to catch a glimpse of a little foot (but never long enough so he misses out, all the time). 
He can make me tea and make me stay on the couch and pat my head when I am sobbing because I'm tired. He can also watch TV shows with dragons, dwarfs and medieval bosom ladies at a very annoying volume. He can make some very odd choices in reading material before childbirth - I mean, who would chose to read Orhan Pamuk and Cormack McCarthy 8 weeks before having a child... but that's just him. He has great hopes that you are a Timelord or that you will at least love watching Doctor Who with him and patiently listen to his explanations of how cricket works. Because I never do. We don't really mind if you are a Timelord or not but if you could somehow make time go quicker so we can meet you sooner we would appreciate it. 


wendy hill said...

What a heart rending post and photo. Gorgeous belly you have there.
All the best for the big day/moment whenever it comes :)

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Crikey! Not long to go now til you meet your little Timelord. I used to love seeing little limbs poking through my tummy. Ah. xx