15 July 2011


Fellow crafters who have seen my pitiful attempts at finishing the baby blanket of horror won't believe me but::: I finished this today. It's a cloud baby mobile made entirely from scrap fabric and felt, and two buttons, and some fishing wire. I think it's super cute. I stuck to fairly simple colours and lots of black and white because as a smart new mother who reads too many books on baby development, I know that babies can only really see black and white and some colours at the beginning. I hope she will like to look at this. The quilted change table cover is a UFO (unfinished object) that I found in a box. It has some very nice bamboo batting on the back so it can double up as a playmat. 

PS: I had a long chat to my sewing machine and after rethreading, cleaning, oiling and punching it 
it decided to play nicely again so it will not need to be taken in to the machine hospital. Thank you, machine. That does however not resolve the issue of the unthreadable overlocker of doom.


Magdalena, The Craft Revival said...

I love it! Well done you. I think I need a word to Jan too (my machine). She needs a good servicing. So happy you got something completed.

Ames and Tash said...

Very cool - I am sure that the mobile will be enjoyed :)

Leni and Rose said...

LOVE it! Clever you!

Claudia said...

This is super cute! You did a wonderful job :) ...from another new mother who reads too many books on baby development!!!

Yarn Wrap said...

Oh my god if you have cable or access to there is a new programme called Pregnant in Heels. one couple were in denial about getting ready for the baby and another had a think tank about choosing the name for their baby. Baby names Fox and Bowen.


Diamond said...

Great Design
I`m just thinking over to apply this kinda concept in my kid`s room.

This blog is the real life saver.
I have searched a lot about such designs but your`s is the way best then others .

Keep Psosting!

lynny said...

I just looked at your blog via Harvest and had to read it all and smiled all the way. I'm a nanna of 2 boys, a mum of 4 adults and way over 50 yo- an addicted crafty since my 1st pregnancy to the point of art being my employment for the past 25 years. But what I loved about your blog is the stories of your pregnancy- nothing has changed, we women still nest, create, feel exhausted, read too many child development books and feel awe at our jumping bellies! All the best for the exciting arrival of your babe and keep enjoying your creativity :)

dropstitch said...

Hello. I am the pregnant lady who commented anonymously over at Meet Me At Mike's a few weeks ago. Now that I am publicly pregnant, I just wanted to pop over and say thank you so much for the lovely reply you left to my comment :) And the sickness is rapidly fading now, you were right. (Hooray!) I've really enjoyed reading your blog ever since then. Lovely mobile too, by the way!

Laura x