17 December 2010

To Market, To Market

Right. Here we go! Here are my market goodies!  Most of this is made from old Tshirts. I can hardly believe how many Tshirts I have hacked up and repurposed but the bin tells me: quite a lot. There are lots of little teensy bits of Tshirt all over the house! Any other material is either organic and fair-trade, sourced in Australia. Or it's a remnant I had in my stash. I plan to reduce the stash to zero and restock with oppy and organic and Tshirt fabric only. I am exhausted! But happy! 

Tshirt/Organic Cotton baby quilt screen printed by me

little screenprinted nursery decorations
Organic cotton and remnant jersey baby pants, screenprinted by me

Organic cotton screenprinted dress and nursery print designed by me!

Packing the car. Trying to remember to take a chair and a hip flask! I am so excited. And a bit nervous too! Thanks for all your sweet comments - I've printed them all out and stuck over my desk for encouragement!

Bear with me as I redesign my blog a bit to match my JoeyNomad site. It will be a bit messy for a while there, but it doesn't really matter. xx


A Life So Peachy said...

Looks wonderful! I love all of it. Good luck at the markets, I think you'll do fabulously- if I were there I would buy something off of you! xx

Frankie and Ray said...

Lovely! Good luck for your first market - remember to enjoy yourself, don't be too nervous, it'll be fun!

Chantal said...

Lots of lovely and unique things here. Love the boys quilt. I'm sure you'll have a great day at the markets.

the textured leaf said...

I never remember the hip flask! Have a great day!