19 December 2010

gifty gifty giveaway

I survived my first market and it was ace. My feet are sore and I am tired. There is banana bread in the oven, odd ladies dressed in white are singing carols on the telly, and I am surrounded by lots of nicety in general. And I will do a post on the market tomorrow but I want to show you things that are making me happy this Sunday. Look at this amazing blanket my friend Eleanor KNITTED for us for our wedding. It is the softest, most beautiful blanket in the world. I am still completely floored that she knitted this for us!

Then there was another great gift in the form of participating in the amazing Harvest Market - not only was it fun, ace, and brilliant, but I love that I've met the Harvest girls and that I'm involved in what they are doing and that they are so brilliant. And look at the Harvest tea towels Lara gave me - will I wash any dishes or dry any dishes with these? NO. They are displayed nicely. No one touch my Harvest towels please.

And I made myself this cushion from some Japanese linen just for the heck of it.

And to celebrate the niceness tomorrow I am hosting a little giveaway on here! Hurrah!

Have a happy Sunday!

PS: Sadly our christmas bush Norman is no more. He has been over-watered and is currently sulking on the balcony.


Emma - Harvest Textiles said...

thanks so much for all of your help and support tina. we are looking forward to seeing joey nomad thrive in 2011 and beyond.

Posie Patchwork said...

That's the best part about markets, meeting all your fellow stall holders who are as passionate about their handmade clever goodies as you are!! Can't wait to hear more about the market. Love that knitted blanket, wow wee, love Posie

Squiggly Rainbow said...

I love niceness! What a great day you had. I am inspired to start the market run next year! Once I have moved and settled into our new abode that is! xox I love your figio collection xo