20 December 2010

Harvest Christmas Market 2010

My mini stall looking cute
I spy Emma
The Harvest stall and past students stall in all its glory
2 of the 3 cool Harvest bananas Emma and Jess
So many lovely things!
Screen loveliness
Pretty Shopfront
Me and my nose in profile
Setting up and looking nervous
And more nervous. 

Little helpers 
 Thanks to Harvest for everything. What a year it's been for them! They have now created this wonderful space - it feels like an energetic, creative living room.

The market was great - I did heaps better than expected and managed to NOT crawl under the table and hide and lots of people commented on my stuff. Many people did not understand the idea behind making things out of repurposed fabric. So I have some work to do in that department. One lady bought two of my Drooly Baby scarves and said "I wish these had been around when I had my kids". High five! And when I made my first ever sale I did jump around heaps.

Most importantly I learned so much just from being there. And I met lots of ace people, for example my brilliantly talented fellow students Mizu Designs and Unit Tshirts (I bought two - sorry bank account) and One Night in June and many others.

And the music was ace, provided by Super Melody. 

Thank you all for coming and thanks to les ladies of Harvest for being inclusive, friendly, innovative, crazy and lovely!


babygalah said...

Hi Tina,
your stall looked fabulous ! I did two circuits of the market and both times you were busy chatting with customers so I didn't get a chance to say hi! But it looked great ! Awesome display....I loved your mini clothes line to display the very cute baby pants. Glad to hear you had a good day at the market, was a very happy, creative space.
Happy almost Christmas, Dee x

Tania said...

You have a lovely nose profile thing. And your Dad would be proud - of your stuff and your market stall and your getting out and doing what you wanted to, (as well as your nose profile).

shine little light* said...

Yay! It looks just superb! Mega congrats to you!!! *s*

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

So glad to hear it was a success. Your stall looks amazing. So many babies wear those cute little scarves here and headscarves. I bet yours were gorgeous and im not surprised they were snapped up. Oh and I had a little looksey at those Tshirts. Hmm, I shouldnt have done that. Me likey! x