09 December 2010

Who's Bad

And so it continues. Infantile high-five! Luckily there are some nice ones. 

These were taken when we somehow managed to blab ourselves onto the Langham's roof terrace pool area where it was humid as all hell and our friends nearly dropped their photography equipment into the spa pool (and I exclaimed: "oh no! it's wet". DUH woman. DUH. )

And then we decorated.

And then some. 

And now I get to unsubscribe from all the wedding blogs.


dorothybills..... said...

My fav is the last shot..love it! Beautiful wedding congrats!

babygalah said...

Fantastic photos !!! I love the ones of you poking your tongue out, but I have to agree, the last one is my favourite !
What does it say about me that I still subscribe to quite a few wedding blogs when I have more hope of getting my partner to the moon than an aisle ????
Happy almost weekend ! Dee x

katiecrackernuts said...

Love a gal who can laugh at herself. Did you know there are very few people who can pull faces and laugh at themselves pulling faces. Our family are good at it. Too good. Our family pics look like we belong in some kind of institution.

Kate said...

I adore these photos. I love that you are being you and not pretending to be someone else for the day. Our photographer was given strict instructions to capture the moment rather than creating the moment.
Have a happy afternoon.

Frankie and Ray said...

You are a gorgeous bride! 3 times over! Congratulations.

shine little light* said...

gorgeous fun gorgeous awesome pretty Yay win congrats to you! *s*

fast times in münchen. said...

Wow, you`re such a hottie bride! And what a beautiful wedding. I love all the photos but the last is my fave. Ridiculously happy. As you should be. x