14 December 2010

Yippie Yay

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my scary market and product shots freakout post! I keep reminding myself that it's important to have fun with this, so this afternoon I'm going to get my Gocco out and have a crack at some more mini prints while I wait for my bigger screens to come back from the clever screenmakers. I have befriended the girls at Eckersleighs in Prahran and they keep ringing me to tell me they have more Gocco lamps for me. So cute. I do love Melbourne.

Meanwhile here is a reminder of the ace market I will be at on Saturday. I can't do maths at all - I will be the lady with the calculator and the grandma shoes! I wonder if I need to bring a chair to sit on?
I am really excited to meet all the other makers. I love Ask Alice so I will bring some Santa money to spend!

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