18 October 2010

the wedding that rocked

handmade buntings looking cute
we made these very simple flower decorations and Ikea menues 
gocco'ed CD sleeves as placeholders and Ikea frame menues
me sporting my DIY makeup - thank god my best friend was there to
remind me where everything has to go.
our first dance - to Rainbow Connection sung by Kermit himself.
hello flip flops! spot the 9,5 toes!

We had the most amazing night - most amazing night I've ever had. There was no stress and no fuss, no limousines and no tiered cakes, instead there were happy tears and friends and dancing in flip flops till 6 in the morning. The decorations I made were really worth the effort, the little restaurant we partied in looked so lovely and just like we imagined it. My mum gave an amazing speech honouring my dad, and so did my husband, who made everyone cry and had all the unmarried men place bids on his speech notes! Our friends surprised us with a photo show and I had to tap dance. It felt like there were bucket loads of love floating about the room. I couldn't have been happier. Everyone helped us - with the music, the setting up, and even taking these amazing photographs since we couldn't afford a photographer. It was such a special night. I'm so pleased we got to have this amazing celebration with our friends.

And now I need to apologize for writing this gooey stuff and alert you to the fact that I have really missed my overlocker in my two week absence. Also that my niece successfully modelled some of my designs and that I will need to reconsider some of them - and others a lot. I have missed all of your blogs. And I'm gutted I missed Finders Keepers! Are you well??? When is the spring coming??? I'm cold! xx 

PS: What is wrong with blogger today? ARGH


dorothybills..... said...

What a gorgeous wedding, beautiful memories to have forever...A big congrat's!

Tracey said...

congratulations, beautiful, what a great job you have done! Makes me want to have a wedding all over again (to the same man, of course!)

A Life So Peachy said...

Huge Congrats to you both- looks like a wonderful night for everyone!

Gina said...

I got chills down my spine looking at the beautiful pictures and reading your post Tina. You deserved every happiness for this event and I'm so, so chuffed for you.

shine little light* said...

Massive congrats, it looks just beautiful,I love how it all looks, and I love that it is real DIY not Martha stewart DIY and I love that everyone cried happy tears! Perfecto! *s*

PottyMouthMama said...

Holy gwackas - what a beautiful couple and an amazing wedding. AAAAMAAAAZING. Gorgeous. How inspiring. Love the tables, love your dress, love your make-up, love the whole kit and kaboodle. You clever lady.

Congrats cats. x

Sally said...

A gorgeous wedding. You look stunning. I am so glad that it all went so well. Sensational.
I wish you and your husband much happiness and good fortune.