26 October 2010

Food Memories

On the weekend I made artichokes the way we used to have them at home - with a French vinaigrette, and you eat the whole thing. You use your fingers to pick off one hot artichoke leaf after the next and tear the flesh out with your teeth until you get to the delicious heart (mind the hairs). Then you discard the leaves into a bowl. It reminds me of my dad so it's a nice tradition to have at my own family home.

I remember very clearly when I was a child and all four of us would eat artichokes and there was always a HUGE bowl full of discarded leaves, and I was petrified of the hair on the heart and one of my parents had to cut them away for me.

Usually the way artichokes are served in France is with a egg yolk vinaigrette or Hollandaise sauce - it's pretty heavy and I didn't fancy making it so I cheated. Here's how I make the cheats vinaigrette:

About three tablespoons of olive oil
About five tablespoons of Dijonnaise
Juice of half a lemon or more if you like it zingy
A splash of red wine vinegar

All you need to do is mix all these ingredients.
This will make enough for two people but if you want to feed more - double it!

it's very tasty, but if you are French, I apologise. It's certainly not Michelin star worthy.
Have you ever done a food memory post? I'd love the link!

Waving to you still sick from my bed!

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bridget said...

Sounds delicious. I've been looking for something to do with the artichokes growing in my garden and this might just do it!