19 October 2010

Pictures from South Tyrolia

I thought you may enjoy these pictures from our little stint on the other side of the planet. We went to South Tyrolia for a few days, the area in Northern Italy that borders on Austria and Germany and is mainly know for its mountains and food. The typical food is bread, speck and cheese. My idea of heaven, really! When you go hiking, you have a rest in one of the Alms or alpine farms on your way, and get a huge chunk of cheese, speck and a drink. Delicious! The only downside was that the hotel had "foal steak" on the menue. I cry when I see dead birds on the road so imagine the drama that went down when I read that. Not that baby cow is any better... but foal? It just made me so so sad. We also went to Bolzano where I bought bread and we went to look at the Oetzi, the oldest mummy in the world. Fascinating!
I also managed to capture "Alpengluehen", which means alpine glowing, when the tips of the mountains are literally red like fire during sunset. A beautiful sight. Now we are bankrupt and will never be able to travel again. But it was fun while it lasted - what a way to begin the marriage and say goodbye to the general badness that was 2010. We declared that this is 2010.2 so - welcome everyone to the new year!


PottyMouthMama said...

Look at those blue, blue skies - incredible. Such beautiful photos.

I am with you. Baby foal? Give the little horsie a life - who wants to eat a baby? Not me. UGH!

Job Descriptions said...

Oh! god has made some beautiful things which are hidden and this South Tyrolia is also hidden from the world. the atmosphere seems to be great looking at the pictures. Hope i will touring here next summer! thanks for sharing!

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Francesca said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pictures. Now I want to hop on a plane and head to the mountains!