29 October 2010

Wedding Graduate

Today Meg over at A Practical Wedding posted something I wrote about our wedding - it's not a post on DIY wedding craft, but something I wrote for her on how we celebrated our wedding just after my dad died of pancreatic cancer this year. It was really hard to write this, and I wrote it for no other reason than that it may help others who are in the same situation. I found it really hard to face a wedding celebration in the light of what had just happened, in fact I wasn't sure I would be able to celebrate at all. Rather than a blushing radiant bride, I felt like a quivering depressed mess. And I'm sure there are others who are going through the same. And sometimes it helps just to know others have been riding the same wave, I think!

I am a big fan of Meg's and have been reading her blog ever since we got engaged, and it helped keeping me sane during a year of intense pressure. It's really a blog that advocates that being a "bride" doesn't mean being perfect. Hoooorray for Meg!

If you are interested in the post you can read it here.

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