21 October 2010

and now for something completely unrelated

yesterday i was so jetlagged and only had an hour sleep. i spent some time on the internet and decided i needed this dress. i deluded myself thinking my life may depend on buying it even though we are broke as all heck.
it only dawned on me later after staring at it for about an hour that it is for little girls. not grown up females.
go figure. 
I still want it though. It would go really well with my grandma shoes

also loving: knitstorm tea cup cozies discovered via Etsy Storque today!
craving: apple strudel
bought: cheap ugly walking shoes off Ebay in America - 50 dollars! They cost 170 dollars in Australia. Not that I believe they will work - but fad trends and me, like a moth to the flame...
drinking: anti-cough medicine and lemon-ginger tea


gretchenmist said...

it's a great dress ~ so many great ones are for little girls. good luck getting over the jetlag :)

NessaKnits said...

Gorgeous dress!