22 October 2010

on glue and old shoes

I felt like sticking some flowers on my boring flats. I am banned from buying anything new so I will need to update and make it work! Like Tim Gunn from Project Runway would say (I am a really good Heidi impersinator by the way - "Hallo!")

I made these when I was sick on the couch, using some fabric remnants and a bit of old doily and two buttons I had in my stash. I sewed the flowers on using a thick leather needle and then applied craft glue - liberally. Every since I did a workshop with Kirsty I have learned to appreciate a good dollop of PVC.
Good times we had spraying the stuff onto our projects and trying not to faint while blowdrying! Needless to say I now have 4 cans of spray glue in the flat!

I used clear nail varnish to finish the edges of the fabric to stop them from fraying. This is a really simple and cheaty method but I like it! You can use any kind of clear nail varnish and apply to the edges only as it stiffens the fabric. 

We were in a jewellery shop yesterday looking for gifts for my wedding helpers and the shop owner asked me "who made this" pointing at my neck and I immediately said "I did! I did!" thinking she meant my top but alas she meant my Love necklace. Ho hum. Five minutes of fame fail!

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Amanda said...

LOVE the shoes. They look great. You have inspired me to raid my shoe cupboard now...