01 August 2010

back from the past

We are back in Melbourne. It is good to see that life goes on.  
But also sad. And a bit strange. I miss my dad. 

Here are some pictures from last week's mini trip to Venice, one of my all time favourite cities. I am always surprised people actually LIVE in Venice. If you lived there, wouldn't you just stare out the window all day and go "Yay me - I live in Venice!" or break out into a beautiful serenade or try to jump on gondolas? But nope these people work. The post men work on DHL boats and the plumbers on emergency plumming boats and people have letterboxes and 'beware of the dog' signs and chats with their neighbours, and there are electricity problems and newly painted road signs and door bells. And all these things go on behind the scenes while the tourist stroll around.

We happened to find this lovely place for dinner, and then we found this little square in the part of the city where our hotel was, and there was a festival on with dancing. We saw this elderly couple Fred and Ginger'it on the dancefloor. They were so brilliant. The had all the moves and were waltzing like there was no tomorrow. And they looked just as they must have done 50 years back when they were probably busy being courted and courting on just the same square. I was enchanted. I wanted to dance with my husband but I only have 9 toenails left and he was busy carrying beers. I suppose romance has changed with age, hasn't it. But on the way back to the hotel he said on special occasions in the future I could get an acrylic nail put on and be a completely able-feeted wife and he would get dance lessons.

                               Fred and Ginger!


Love_Again said...

i'd so love to visit. i'd so love to live there!

One Flew Over said...

Welcome Home Tina xx