16 July 2010


1. British Slang, describing something that is stupid, lame or unpalatable
2. A word I like to use because it reminds me of my British friend Lucy

I made a little dress for my niece's first birthday. I didn't use a pattern. Just cut out the bodice and created the skirt with a square bit of fabric. And added some cute.
My sister loved the linen fabric and the seersucker fabric with the tiny silver stripes and said she would like a top to match the dress to wear on the day.
In retrospect I believe she may have been joking. She is a doctor and she often raises an eyebrow when she observes me chopping up fabric or covering myself in felt. Which is cool. Because I raise an eyebrow (and make sure I look the other way) while she examines disgusting things like ripped off toenails.
Can't say it ain't cute.
But probably naff. Well naff, as they say on the great British isles. 
But I'm sure my sister will be too polite to say anything. 
And seriously, how important is honesty in craft? It's much better to see the beauty in imperfect things.

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Anonymous said...

yay for the naff brits - love the dresses so much!