02 August 2010


These are some photos I took in Campo, in Italy. It's a deserted village in the mountains near the Lago Di Garda where we spent some time relaxing. Much needed time may I add. We hiked up to the little village and I hiked too despite the fact I only have 9 toenails. Yay for me and my excellent toe-wrapping skills! And then we had a peek inside the church which was built around 1024. Look at those amazing paintings. It was truly spectacular. Then we met an old lady who drives up to Campo every day in her Fiat Panda to look after her grandma's house. She let us sip a coke in her living room/cave and showed us her little  kitten called Nerone. And she showed us the inside of her house but I didn't want to be rude so I didn't take photos. I have no idea how she drives the car up there since the only path up there is an old narrow road full of rocks. I think her Fiat Panda can actually fly. It wouldn't surprise me at all.

In completely unrelated news, i would really rather like this Marimekko teapot found at Nordic Fusion. 

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frankie and ray said...

I just love all the greens in your pictures! The landscape, the shutters, that bit of old paintwork. How lovely!