14 August 2010

A Room of Bernina's Own! Yeah!

Every Bernina needs a room of her own, I think, so I finally kicked all the junk out of the study and put some cheap Ikea shelves in there. Some nice things and vintage spools and jar filled ribbon on top -  and suddenly it's a lovely space for me to work in. I picked up that big roll of lace from the oppy for a fiver - not quite sure what to do with it but it soothes my lace-obsessed nerves. I also neatly stacked my fabric (which nearly drove me insane) but it turns out my stash, of which you can only see a small percentage, is not too huge after all so I am officially allowed to get more. I think. Hurrah!
Wondering how long this will stay neat. I give it about a week.
I have one hell of a cold including very bad sinusitis and my sister said that thyme fixes this. So I have been making wild thyme tea using a few fresh thyme twigs, honey and a bit of lemon, and I think it is working. Just sharing this in case you also have completely blocked sinuses and sound like kermit!

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