31 August 2010

It is all yellow

  After an almost two week hiatus where I just felt like sleeping and hiding I have decided that it's time for some brighter times.
The advantage of owning canary yellow pants has previously been documented by Mrs Rummeybear and I recommend to anyone who is sick of winter and rain to put on a pair. Not only do they cheer you up immensly, they also enable you to seamlessly blend into Melbourne's public transport environment (see above), and strangers stop you in the street to yell "I love your summery pants!" Add some yummy coloured wool to knit with on the train (looks a bit like smurf vomit when in a ball but knitted it's scrumptious) and hello spring! 
Oh and I made the bag this weekend. First bag I ever made. The colours remind me of icecream!


Shine Little Light* said...

It's superb! Bring on spring!!!!

Treadgold said...

I second that, a balmy 22 degrees in Sydney today, I seem to be in such a better mood with the warmer weather! Great blog too, have just discovered you...