10 August 2010

Things I like

First up I should mention things I don't like: for example that my husband was made redundant and that really, I think we've had enough rubbish to deal with for now. 

But that's ok because we are optimistic and happy people and we are rather relaxed about it. It may be down to the flu relief drugs we have been eating. Or that we got some perspective on things this year. 
But we are good. I am busily setting up my own thing and doing exciting things such as sourcing organic jersey and talking to fabric shops and creating labels and making patterns. I am really nervous, but it feels nice. 
The husband has decided to paint heaps while he is looking for a new job and he has done some ace stuff which he wants to start selling around galleries. I am quite happy with that!

Other things I love are: the FireBrand bakery near where we live. They bake organic bread and you have to arrive there at particular times for particular bread. I love the sacks of organic flour stacked on the floor and the bread is always warm when you buy it and it heats up my hands and makes the car smell great. I love their bread. It's so delicious. 

Loving being back at the beach.

And today we treated our unemployed behinds to Baked Eggs at Birdman Eating
I love their baked eggs. 


One Flew Over said...

I am a big believer of the ol' saying 'one door closes, another opens.

I'm sure your door will be opening soon xx

Love_Again said...

I love the baked eggs (and all the breakfast dishes) at Birdman Eating! Yum.. makes me miss Melbourne..

Erica Louise said...

Thank you for the FireBrand bakery tip, I shall check it out as thats not too far from me. Sorry to hear about your husbands redundancy, but optimism is great to have, as is happiness. Enjoy all the extra time 'off' together while you can!

Melbourne Vintage said...

Yes it's a fantastic bakery Erica, apparently it has been there for 40 years and they put not a single additive in their bread. It is the best bread!

PottyMouthMama said...

The only way is up. And, in my experience, things can come up at the most unexpected times, in the most unexpected places. I hope this happens soon.

Those eggs look goooood - and I don't even really like eggs.

LOVE your photos.