20 June 2011

New Home

We have moved! We have unpacked all the boxes and quiet corners are appearing in between all the mess. I love this wall decal which I bought last year as a present for my husband. Now it's got a special place in the bedroom. I am trying to turn the bedroom into a calm space because I will be spending a lot of time in there with the baby! At present, if you could see under this calm photograph you'd find piles of washing and dirty Ugg Boots. 

The baby's room is full of stuff and I want to spend the next few weeks making a lovely nursery using as little money as possible. Expect some crafty solutions. If I can ever not be tired, and actually get off the couch to do it. I was not prepared for how tired pregnancy can make you. I do not really like being lethargic as I am usually more of a full of beans person, and this sluggishness is making me quite mad. 
I am also working on my craft corner so I can resume private and professional sewing! 

>> We had our first lovely visitors on the weekend and we made Jamie Oliver's lasagna which I love because it uses Creme Fraiche instead of Bechamel. 
>> I had a lovely time at Brown Owls last week. We did some stitching and I managed to embroider something teensy - I got quite hooked on it! Magdalena had a copy of this printable stitch guide, which I will print as soon as I can find the printer cable! 

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Tania said...

Welcome home!

PS. I know I am entirely missing the point here, but it was always with a sense of relief to realise that a wee one probably won't notice if the baby room isn't completely finished. Unfortunately this state of unfinished has not resolved itself yet...(and it's nearly four years later) (but she still hasn't noticed)...