06 June 2011

This week I am hiding.

I am hiding behind my latest knitting project. This is a superwash Merino blanket for our little baby. Based on the idea of the super simple baby blanket, but I decided to mix the stripes up a bit and I made some pretty bold colour choices to. It's just knit back and forth so it's a simple and quite meditative project!
PS The reason I am hiding is because the rest of the house looks like this:

Yes, moving house is a wonderful experience.


Tania said...

When you're pregnant, it's a rule that you have to either renovate or move house. I so hope you don't have to renovate AFTER you move house?

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Aahhh, moving - we moved just 4 months ago, and have done it while pregnant with all three of mine! Love the blanket!

Anonymous said...

At least you have an excuse - our house looks like that all the time!!!! heheeehee! Sue

beck said...

Funny, I moved twice while pregnant too. The last time was with number five, it was a memorable day! Hope all goes smoothly, as I'm sure it will. Love the blankie x