02 June 2011

Oppy Baby

Babies make a lot of dirt and produce a lot of landfill. Little polluters. This baby is going to be dressed in some very fine op shop gear and hand me down goodness. I picked up these cute things from the Save The Children oppy the other day. But I am not 100% good and I have bought new stuff. And had fun doing so. It's the nesting instinct kicking in!

I bought a Skip Hop nappy bag. I also bought an Ergo Carrier. I don't think I really needed the nappy bag. I just saw the one my friend had, and suddenly it became incredibly important to immediately make sure I'd have the appropriate carrying device to hand to carry nappies around in. I then also nearly bought a sheep toy that can make four different kinds of soothing music, including whale song. I wonder what's happened to my brain. Other than that it has been drowned in apple juice, which I can not get enough of.  In the making department, things are progressing along. I've just gotten tired of taking "in progress" shots.

I am still very confused what to dress a newborn in when they sleep. I have bought a little sleeping sack thing but I'm scared of using it already. It comes with bizarre batwings that are apparently used to "swaddle".  Everywhere I look there are warnings of SIDS and apparently you are not allowed to put a blanket in the baby cot at all anymore. Isn't that a bit overly dramatic?


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh honey you'll know what to do, mother instinct is so reliable & just comes naturally. I had all my babies in the tropics so it was just swaddle in a muslin cloth when they were brand new, no covers at all, in fact, they slept under fans with extra fans on them as i didn't want to have them sleeping in air conditioning!!
Go the cloth nappy option, saves you a fortune & is not a hassle at all, i even made my own muslin baby liners (which catch the poo which you can flush easily) & you do so much washing anyway, just toss the nappies in too.
Good luck, you have plenty of other things to worry about like sleeping on their back, but what if they are rollers?? Love Posie

bec said...

As someone that works in the frontlines with parents who lose babies...no, it's not at all overdramatic. http://www.sidsandkids.org/

Georgie Love said...

I would swaddle Rubes now if she would fit - she loved it. Swaddling absolutely settles them and you can put them to sleep in an all-in-one suit (with footsies) and then swaddle, your winter baby can have 100% cotton flannel ones and it should be warm enough - I can't remember, will you have a bassinet as well? If so, yes you can use a blanket, just tuck it in at the ends, so it stays in place. After doing it 3 times you will be a pro!

Squiggly Rainbow said...

There is so much advice out there and you will find one contradicts the other. As long as you are sensible, all will be fine and your motherly instincts will kick in. I always dressed my bubs in a jumpsuit and swaddled in baby blankets (100%) cotton, when they are tiny it's just the easiest and it will be a bit chilly. xox hope you are feeling well (:

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

It's very different here in Germany isn't it? They use duvets which are a big no-no in Oz! I didn't use a sleeping bag with Oli until he was about 6 months old. Before that I would wrap him with a muslim cloth and and if it was really cold I think I also used a blanket. With Elke, she used the sleeping bag from much earlier but then we would also wrap her in a cloth on top of the bag. And 18 months on, we still do. We're too scared to try anything different. I think you'll work it all out pretty quickly. Bubba will guide you. Most bubs seem to like being wrapped/swaddled and I don't think many use sleeping bags in the early weeks. Those Bonds wondersuits are excellent! But I could be wrong... xxx