18 March 2011


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See this is why I am looking forward to having kids so much. I can't wait to find notes like these in my house.
When we were little my sister and I used to go to this shop that a friend of my mum's owned called La Maison, and we used to leave a note saying "we have gone to lar moesjoe". That's how we spelled it. The note is still on my mum's mirror. I also once drew her a picture that said "heppi boerste" which was my way of spelling happy birthday.

This week has been hard - writing cards and condolence letters and funeral speeches. But on the upside, I spoke and emailed with very close friends, and as always when there's a tragedy happening, it feels like we're all huddling together and waiting out the storm. I got a text message from my best friend back home just as I was in Myer looking for some very urgently needed maternity tights. So I texted her back, saying that going to a department store asking for maternity tights in extra large seemed a bit mundane in the circumstances, but nevertheless it was quite humiliating.

I am fairly broke so I can't afford to shop for maternity clothes much, plus I refuse to go into stores called Pea in a Pod and Egg. I think I will survive in my Just Jeans maternity jeans and the couple of Tshirts I got on Ebay.

Today I had a lovely lunch with my friend at Mekong on Swanston and managed to eat a Pho soup. Wow!
I am so pleased that the cortisone seems to be working and I am getting a bit of an appetite back. Last night I ate an entire pack of sour gummy bears.

The craft posts are far and few between here now that I'm temporarily couched. I did do some knitting and I am looking forward to presenting the finished cowl soon!
And I have been working on a strip quilt for my niece (who rocks her baby English and can say epple and elefent) and been checking out helpful hints on Film in the Fridge. I adore how this lady is not afraid of colour.

And finally, thanks for your thoughtful comments on my last post.



Leni and Rose said...

On a brighter note - I have just boxed up my mat clothes, all of them!! You want to have a look through?!

Posie Patchwork said...

When i was pregnant & honestly, even 10 years ago decent pregnancy clothes were impossible to find, i just bought larger sizes from cheaper shops (who tend to cater to larger sizes like 14-18, depending on how big your belly gets) & adorn with a cool brooch or necklace to distract from the boring plain cheap top. Invest in a few good pants/ skirts, you'll be set.
As for notes, adorable, my children make really sweet ones with cute drawings too, love Posie