29 March 2011


via Slow Noodle
How gorgeous are these baby blankets!!! Available as kits at Purl Soho. I want them all. 
I wanted to post about these yesterday, but I forgot. It's a recurring theme, forgetting things.

Just in case you thought I was slacking off, I have nearly finished my bobble cowl. Just ran out of Debbie Bliss so need to run to the shop today. Which I will probably also forget to do. 

Things are looking up - I am no longer nauseous 24/7, but the medications I'm on have messed with my system so I'm seeing a lot more of my doctor than I'd like! I am suffering from bad pregnancy brain - yesterday I went to see Michelle and managed to forget her address in the 7 minutes it took to drive to her house. Then I stopped to get some flowers, and forgot my pin number. I did not realise that I would lose control of my cognitive skills! 

Michelle donated an entire bag of maternity clothes to me. That's just about the nicest thing I've ever heard of! We had a lovely chat and some tea in her backyard and I marvelled at the results of her digital printing work. I seriously just love bloggy world. Now that I know a little bit about Michelle's style I will set to craft her a present - I should probably write that down so I don't forget. I know I have somewhere to go today but I can't remember where. 


Magdalena, The Craft Revival said...

Baby brain is the worst! You suddenly feel so stupid and forgetful. It does get better though!

Leni and Rose said...

I was exactly the same as well! Magdalena's right - it does get better! Thanks for the beautiful flowers yesterday, I love natives so much. Lets catch up again for tea and chats, fun!

the textured leaf said...

You are a funny soul arent you.
I claimed to have market brain earlier today from tiredness but I still remember when I had baby brain.
You get to do funny things and you will laugh at yourself alot more, if nothing else