04 March 2011

Bobbled Cowl

Image and pattern on Ravelry
 I started this last year before my dad got sick and then attempted to finish it while I was in Europe, in the sveltering heat, mostly on the sticky train travelling between Zurich and Munich. Needless to say I did not manage to finish it, but unraveled it when we got back home because it reminded me too much of some very unhappy hours and made me quite furious. I still have the crunched up ball of yarn somewhere but I can't even bring myself to look at it. But since my husband recently said 'I don't like quitters' (he said it to the TV, not to me, he gets a bit too much involved in reality TV programmes but the upside is he will watch Project Runway with me!) I am willing to try it again. Also since my dad would have found the idea of knitting a bobbled cowl more than a bit odd, and who am I not to continue to amuse my father.
As far as I remember it wasn't too hard to knit, once I figured out how to make the bobbles. I think I will even treat myself to some yummy golden Peartree Yarn for it. If you want to bobble along let me know - I am an expert bobbler and can get you bobbling in no time!

I hope your weekend will be full of sunshine!

PS: My belly is so itchy. I really don't care about stretchmarks, but I'd love to trade the itchiness in for something a bit less embarrassing in public...


Posie Patchwork said...

I absolutely love this!! Canberra Winter is pretty blistery, love Posie

Kate said...

Oh yeah, bobble on baby! Its a gorgeous pattern indeed. I half crocheted a blobble dress a few years back and it made my hands ache. I hope you don't get achey hands to add to your itchy tummy. X

Squiggly Rainbow said...

I am glad you will be making another cowl. I love some Erin makes on http://bluebirdbaby.typepad.com/bluebirdbaby/.. check out her blog - it is great.

I so remember having an itchy belly, but had forgotten completely until you mentioned it! Hope you are well!