03 March 2011

My Creative Space

I finished my other bag project! I get asked about these so much I think I started in the wrong trade.
I do love making bags.

I do however wonder if the constant nausea combined with feeling seasick from the vigorous shaking of the overlocker and the industrial-type noises will make our unborn think it's going to grow up on an old pirate ship.

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post. I've had so many helpful tips from lovely mums who've been through extreme morning sickness, or suckness as I call it, and I really appreciate it. It's a nice change from people telling me to just "distract myself" or saying things like "but you don't look that bad".
Ho. Hum. KAPOW. I think by now I am so iron deficient I've got something like cold sores on my mouth. Extra-revolting!

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1 comment:

LionessLady said...

Love the bag! Sorry about your icky 'suckness'. I always found bread and vegemite were my good pregnancy tummy settlers!