23 September 2010

What I've been making

Hello! I am sitting here with one eye bulging out of its socket (or it may just feel that way because i have bad sinusitis) and my back is spasming out of control because I sewed for eight hours straight yesterday. But you know what: I made some awesome things. My designs are improving. I made some changes. I made some samples. I will take them to Europe next week - not for a professional Sartorialist photoshoot (sadly). They will be tried on by my niece and she will crawl around in them and roll in her sandpit and test them. Since her vocab is currently made up of "banana", "mama" and "deeta", her feedback will no doubt be excellent. Then they will be taken back to Melbourne, remade and improved, then sent out to Australian testers (thanks everyone who is willing to test on their offspring - and if you have offspring between 0 and 2 years old and would like to test, please email me!). Then improved again, and then I will launch the shoppe! I am so excited. I love doing this. It feels very excellent. And I am happy to overlook the increasing anxiety build-up due to lack of funds, lack of job, etc. If my niece can live on bananas so can I! Here wind, have some caution!

If your name is Lucy and you live in a small village in rural England please look away now!

On the weekend I made this table runner for my friend Lucy. A very lovely much-missed friend!  I got the inspiration from my Zakka book. I think it will look nice on a rural England country cottage table!


Chantal said...

Gorgeous fabrics you've chosen, and I love the design. Lucky Lucy!

A Life So Peachy said...

If I had a tester, you could borrow them, but alas i do not so instead I'm looking forward to seeing the end results :). Lovely runner too! jess xx

Em said...

Hi Tina
I don't know if a mini-sized two and two month old would be good for your research? If so I am sure ziggy would be interested in making some mud pies and jumping off couches for you.
Otherwise I am sure Lara's little Frankie would be a good model. He is 18 months old and twice the size of Ziggy!