27 September 2010


This is the first top I made using the pattern Hayley helped me to draft the other day. It turned out so well, exactly the way I wanted it, which is amazing given that I spent more time talking than being a good student. Hayley is a great teacher and chatting to her was awesome. I completely love this top, and I am wondering if I should start making these and include them in my line of products I'll sell? Ho and hum. I think I will. On Sunday I went to Camberwell market with my friend and we decided to have a test stall there in January and see how we will go doing a market. I am super excited! Also nervous and very aware of how much work there is left to do, even though I've quite literally worked my heini off last week (uncomfortable sewing chair).
We are heading off to get married overseas this week - but will catch up with all of you once we're there!